Opening 2019

Juicebox Heroes


Juicebox Heroes - Sober Karaoke Bar - COMING SOON


CominG Soon

Juicebox Heroes is a sober karaoke bar gearing to open in February 2019 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

A place for all to safely unwind, enjoy great performances in welcoming company with a full menu of 0% alcoholic drinks and delicious food.

More details about our food & drink menu, karaoke challenges, and photos coming soon!

Under Construction

Our construction team specializes in building two things: bars and recording studios.

We hope to give our karaoke stars the best possible experience, from our decor to service to menu, all the way to how you’ll sound on stage.

We absolutely can’t wait to have you over!

Juicebox Heroes, currently under construction.

Juicebox Heroes, currently under construction.

More details coming soon

But in the meantime, feel free to tell your friends!